DOS: G5EN54-7 (Zylinska)

Identification number: G5EN54-7
Acquisition date: 3241 E.S.D (23.05.2113 E.A.D)
Previous owners/Donated by: Jaxa survey camp
Zone of discovery: Europa Sector C
Speculated purpose: Advanced Mass spectrometer
Materials: copper, Aluminum, 4th generation plastics, electronics
Weight: 285 grams

This advert for a device called SpecTA (identification number: G5EN54-7) was distributed on various prognet channels as well as via encrypted postings on some 21st century legacy platforms known as ‘Facebook’ and ‘WhatsApp’.

Don’t even thinking of leaving your pod without SpecTA! An indispensable device for a curious yet prudent spacefarer, this communally-funded personal handheld mass spectrometer will keep you safe. Disguised as a retro piece of mechanics from the Carbon Human Era, it will be your guide in every new environment and every cross-species encounter. Specta will allow you to check for air pollution, detect land contamination and trace heavy metals leaching, while helping you determine whether the approaching entity is a potential friend or foe. But that’s not all. Equipped with SpecTA, you will never walk alone! The device will remain permanently connected to an independent database of the cross-planetary postfemiqueer hacker collective PLURISPACE to offer data verification, while mapping your walking trajectory for the benefit of PLURISPACE’S Care Squad. Should you find yourself in danger from contamination, alien force absorption or hyper-hip-capitalism suck-in, one of their Care Ghosts will intervene in no time at all. They will arrive carrying a full protective shield that will be wrapped around you until the danger has passed. SpecTA will serve as your electromagnetic talisman, protecting you against the bad energy of unknown spaces while giving you power – and backup – to tackle them. Order one now and become part of the PLURISPACE Community!

The Museum of Space Junk is a critical project which considers life, ethics and politics in our space-bound future. Exploring collective futuring, world-building and speculative design, the project invites writers and philosophers to respond to a mystery ‘digital artefact’ with a short piece of writing. Space Junk is hosted by New School Policy and Design for Outer Space (NSPDOS), and produced on the occasion of the Italian Virtual Pavillion, Venice Biennale of Architecture 2021.

Series co-edited by Elaine Tam and Weston Finfer
Design and 3D by Andrea Carrera and Arthur Gouillart (Studio Tangle)